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How do I buy tickets?
Find your event either by using the search tool  or browsing through event categories. From the event page, select the amount and click “Buy Tickets”. Follow the steps to complete your order.
Which credit cards are accepted?
What is a Vendor/Promoter?
How will I receive my tickets?
What are free shows?
Can I have tickets delivered to my phone?
Can I transfer tickets to a friend via text message?
Can I get a refund?
How does your website prevent fraud?
The event I want to attend says that sales have ended. Can I still get tickets?
I need more help! Can I talk to you?
Why should I choose Live Music City?
Why are your fees so low?
When do I get my money?
How do I post my event?
How do I scan tickets?
My tickets are free. Do you charge to ticket a free event?
What sales reports do you offer?
How do I customize my profile?
I need more help! Can I talk to you?

Live Music City

Live Music City is a small company created out of love for the music community. 

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