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Homeboy Sandman & Dark Time Sunshine presented by MC Phaze One

Homeboy Sandman


Saturday November 13th 2021 at La Maison Kabob in #DowntownFresno
MC Phaze One Presents
Homeboy Sandman & Dark Time Sunshine
All Ages | 8pm-12am | $10 Early Bird | $15 At The Door

Homeboy Sandman
Homeboy Sandman put out Don't Feed the Monster last year but didn't get to tour it. Homeboy Sandman just put out Anjelitu. Homeboy Sandman is excited to perform again he hasn't in a while. Homeboy Sandman loves God and when he finds unwanted bugs in his apartment he does his best to capture them without harming them and then throws them out of the window. Allegedly getting thrown out of the window doesn't hurt them because of exoskeletons.

@mellomusicgroup on IG and Twitter

(Tag Mello Music Group in all posts on FB as well and tag them when mentioning Sandman on Twitter or Instagram, he only has FB currently and Mello Music has a lot of followers and is verified on most platforms.)

Dark Time Sunshine
Nine years after the release of their critically acclaimed ANX, Dark Time Sunshine is back with their third full-length, Lore. Comprising Seattle emcee Onry Ozzborn (Grayskul, Oldominion) and Chicago producer
Zavala, DTS have been on the cutting edge of indie hip hop since 2009, behind genre-bending production and a heady lyrical approach all their own. Lore builds on the psych-rap foundation of their previous efforts while shifting into new terrain that incorporates the aesthetics each artist
has explored in recent years, and the end product is an album brimming
with hope.
Since ANX, we've seen Onry drop several solo projects (Tantrum, Nervous Hand, etc.) as well as a Grayskul album alongside longtime comrade JFK. In 2017, Zavala dropped Fantasmas, an electronic
departure that led to NPR calling him "a messenger of sonic relief." The two spoke often of making another Dark Time Sunshine record, but the pieces didn't fall into place until 2020, when a particular batch of beats
Zavala sent Onry's way resonated with a new, hard-won headspace that the emcee found himself in. Onry wrote all of Lore between May and August 2020.
Having already endured a difficult few years battling personal demons and health struggles within the family, Onry was probably more prepared than most for the chaos of 2020. His resilience shines through on Lore. “What a wonderful display of determination to make it out of
hell,” he raps on “Hell Nah” over a lush, spacey Zavala backdrop. You can practically hear the weight lifting from his shoulders on many tracks, and especially on “Ayemen”, the album’s emotional core. The song is pure triumph over adversity, with an infectious hook buoyed by a
crystalline Zavala collage. “Broken before / But never again” becomes a mantra.
Continuing the trilogy of Ceschi collabs that begins each of Dark Time Sunshine’s full-lengths, the rapper/singer makes a frantic cameo on “Lore”, setting the stage for an 11-track odyssey that also features guest
shots from R.A.P. Ferreira, Homeboy Sandman, and Hail Mary Mallon.
Ferreira and Sandman appear on "Rite Kids", a sequel of sorts to "The Wrong Kids" from DTS's debut EP Believeyoume. The trio ruminates on nature vs. nurture and stresses the importance of both strong parental guidance and allowing kids the space to thrive on their own intuition.

Twitter: @drktimesunshine
IG: @darktimesunshine
FB: www.facebook.com/Dark-Time-Sunshine-195604013646/

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